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on reaching a dream

In 1998 I was a lowly freshman at IU, going home every weekend to visit friends and family and not really taking in all the amazing-ness that this town I’ve come to call home had to offer. In 1999 I … Continue reading

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Winona Lake

This past weekend was my first outdoor art show of the year – up north on Winona Lake, near Warsaw, Indiana. Winona Lake is a cute artsy little village about an hour and a half from my folk’s house, which … Continue reading

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The Decoupage Guilty Pleasure

There was a time (I think) when decoupage was (both) all the rage and faux pas. I’m not quite sure where it stands now, but I’ll readily admit I’m not (often) one to admit to decoupaging things in my free … Continue reading

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an intimate gathering – a collection from here to there

I’ve mentioned this little event here and there. I’ve created a new blog for the event that I’ll likely¬†occasionally¬†cross post here. But for now, I just want to invite you – if you’re local – to come and have a … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned: Audience

A few weeks ago I went to visit my local SCORE adviser to get some tips on how to handle (or if I should handle) a trade show. While their advice was . . . sometimes not applicable, I found … Continue reading

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