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A Year in Review – 2011

Another year has passed. And through all the drama, the 10 year old tantrums, the 2 year old milestones and the 16 year old growing pains, we’ve made it through. Today is New Years Eve and as a family we’re … Continue reading

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on the days with the rain…

in oregon, this time of year is swallowed up by grey skies and the magical rains.  rains that come in thick, wet, cold sheets, making it difficult for your windshield wipers to properly clear the precipitation.  other days the rain … Continue reading

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on the change of scenery…

when i first discovered i was pregnant, it was difficult to wrap my mind around a world with a baby in it.  i couldn’t imagine my regular backdrop not being front porches in the springtime, or smoky bars just before … Continue reading

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on the (over?)abundance of praise…

harper is just shy of a year old now (and that can be a whole different blog post– of “holy hell where did almost a year of time go?”) and already i see in her the way she acquiesces to … Continue reading

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2011 Gift Guide

I’ve been compiling a list for my first official Gift Guide and I’ve been doing so on Pinterest. Here are the highlights and a few of my favorites, but obviously, they’re kinda all my favorites:) Voyages over Edinburgh by David … Continue reading

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