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Creating Your Memories

Memory. A few years ago I read a news article about a woman who remembers everything, down to sitcom episodes on specific dates from decades ago. At first I was envious, imagining the joy of recalling carefree summer days with … Continue reading

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Once a Roommate, Always a Friend

Today I will introduce you to Nicole; a once college roommate and a forever friend who will be guest posting on Conduit Press to my excitement. So, where to begin? What would you like to know about Nicole? Well, I’ll … Continue reading

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Guests and Such

I’ve never been good at asking for help. My mother would likely object to this statement, as she’s always told me I’m a great ‘manager’ and I’m really good at ‘delegating’ tasks to other people that I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Renegade!

So, many of you know, and my little blog shows it over there on the right if you’re not reading this through a reader, that I’m desperately trying to get ready for Renegade these days. With two weeks to go, … Continue reading

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Move In Day – Flashback

Twelve years ago today I moved into Collins LLC on the IU campus with the help of a few wonderful ladies who I’m remembering today because alas, this is the day that all the townies (and the ‘new’ townies) lock … Continue reading

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