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What I’ve Learned: Tents

We set up both of our tents today for  out little one’s birthday party and doing so made me realize that perhaps not everyone knows this little trick that Elizabeth from Curly Pigtails and I have discovered. So, I decided to … Continue reading

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Lino and Cards: Tutorial

I’ve never written a tutorial before. The thought of taking pictures during my creative process is. . . . well, frightening honestly. But, I felt brave today and decided to document this little card-making session. Start easy and work from … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday (1st Birthday Love)

Today is my baby’s 2nd Birthday. We’re celebrating officially tomorrow with a GIANT party at our neighborhood pool, but until then, Happy Birthday my baby boy!

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Birthdays and Family Time

This past week/weekend the babe and I spent a few days at my folks having my dad build a new display shelf for ye olde books and celebrating my little brother’s 10th birthday. Yes, I have a little brother who … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned: Consignment and Wholesale

I’m a life-long learner. I’ll say that first and foremost. You learn that when you’re in the Ed school getting your Master’s degree and paying out the yin-yang to be taught how to play four-square and break up teenage fights … Continue reading

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