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Getting Ready- Gimme a Poll

I’ll be making a few more coil bound notebooks before Strange Folk this weekend, but I need your help! I certainly can’t make one of each at this late notice, so, I need your votes. I’ll be making between 10-15, … Continue reading

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Fountain Square

This weekend I will be selling my wares at the Fountain Square Art Fair in Indianapolis. I’ve been busy preparing new books; a whole slew of new hollow book safes with various shapes carved out of them, a dozen or … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wants

I’ve been falling behind here…geesh! There you have it. I want/need a new canopy for the last two shows of my outdoor season and I *really* don’t want to buy it. I would LOVE to have something, however, that actually … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wants

So, last week my trusty sewing machine just decided to stop working. Just stop. Right then. No warning. No smoke. No burning. No nothing. Just…stopped. Actually, I have no idea what the heck happened and it’s possible that someone could … Continue reading

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Tuesday Temptations

I’m four minutes from being too late for this, but that makes sense since I’ve thought it was Wednesday all day long! But, without further ado, my Tuesday Temptation! Can you resist:) These make for great little travel notebooks to … Continue reading

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