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HeartFelt 4 Kids

So, I fell behind on my ‘feature Thursday’ blog, but by golly I’m making it up today if it’s the last thing I do! I think I spent most of my computer time on Thursday perusing the Etsy forums and … Continue reading

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erasing the past

This morning, for whatever reason, I decided to make all of my entries from a previous ‘personal’ blog private, and now I sit here and I wonder why? Well, I know why, but I wonder if it was necessary. And … Continue reading

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hand me my leather

You know, I’ve never been a big fan of leather, I’ll be honest. When my teenager daughter asked for a leather vest for her birthday last year I literally guffawed and made a teeny tiny little judgment in my head … Continue reading

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musicality I don't have

You know, I never even realized (until today) that Etsy even has a ‘music’ section. Seriously, how sad is that? I never even thought about it. Is music a craft? Well, certainly it’s a craft in the ‘an art, trade, … Continue reading

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So, today I sit back and think about what it is I want to write about. What do I want to share with the world (the very small world who might come across this blog) and I think about how … Continue reading

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