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Little Blue Book

Listed today.  I really like making these sort of small pocket-sized journals because, well, they’re a quick make, sort of, and they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and yet they’re still big enough to actually be worth … Continue reading

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I actually posted something AGAIN today! Imagine that. I created these a while back.  I’ve always had this obsession with ampersands, especially the word ampersand, and if it hadn’t already been taken when I was branding my own press years … Continue reading

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Blasted thing

I wish that I could figure out why exactly Etsy, or Photoshop, or both, hate me right now.  See that picture right there, on the left, it has a white background right?  I’m not crazy am I?  In fact, all … Continue reading

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Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless

I can’t get over this song!!! omigoodnesssssssssssssss It seriously is everywhere I bloody go, and it’s sooooo catchy!! Seriously. Ok, that’s out of my system.  What have I been working on?  Well, let’s see. We recieved a wedding invitation in … Continue reading

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Today I get a stamp . . . sort of

I found this shop, Sweet Papery, on Etsy some time ago and fell in Love with many of the rubber stamps she creates.  Not too long ago I realized I could use this service to my advantage, and instead of … Continue reading

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