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Letter (Im)pressed

Yeah yeah, I think I have more fun titling my creations than making them. Ok, not really, it’s just sort of funny. I do get a kick out of. I used to HATE naming.titling things. I have stories and poems … Continue reading

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Get up off that thing

When I said earlier that we were ‘gonna go slow here’ in posting my new pieces, in no way shape or form did I ever really mean this slow. But, as it is, this is what I can manage. Here’s … Continue reading

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Beetles & Tea

I finished a book yesterday (actually six, but we’re gonna go slow here) and finally photographed it and listed it on etsy. Here is the listing. It’s actually one of my favourite books as I tea-stained the already bright yellow … Continue reading

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Ah, the Local Art Theif err, I mean Store

Unfortunately, it’s not often that I visit the local art store in here town because, well, simply put, I can’t afford it.  Instead I give places like Michael’s and Christ Craft my business because they make art and crafting more … Continue reading

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Sitting at the computer all morning instead of doing anything . . .

So, yes, that’s what I’ve spent my morning doing. I will admit. See, the other day I received my usual monthly email from JPG magazine about this month’s new theme and it actually caught my eye. Well, not so much. … Continue reading

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